Our Products

Modern Kitchen

Kabanoury’s kitchen is distinguished by using the finest quality raw materials from international companies with European specifications. We have cooperated with the best companies in the world (the German’s EGGER Company – Spain’s ALVIC Company – Austrian TZ Company – Swiss KORON Company).

Aluminum kitchens

The aluminum kitchen is special and luxurious.
It consists of an anti-bending aluminum sash frame under various conditions, i.e., high temperature or humidity, and waterproof, with an anti-corrosion surface.
This manufacturing technique prevent the growth of insects or bacteria.


Bedrooms are especially designed in an innovative and special modern style, colors, and decorations. Through looking for a better future, Kabnoury has made and entered into an agreement with remarkable international wood manufacturers, including German, Swiss, Spanish, and Austrian companies. All wood used is natural, bacteria and moisture resistant.
Various designs are


Kabnoury’s special sectors were developed with the German ROTO Company in accordance with international specifications for easy closing/opening and ensured closure.
They are sealed sectors with the necessary steel. Usually, the steel is in the middle of the doors, however in Kabnoury sectors the steel is in 


It is a sheet of aluminum imported from Italy injected with foam. Thus, it is heat-insulating and has small holes between each item for lighting. It provides full privacy.
Control lighting through opening and closing.

Dressing Room

The dressing room is designed to collect all your personal belongings in one place. The dressing room must be designed with an elegant space and design, gives elegance to the design of your bedroom. It should not be just an untidy storage room; however, it is designed to contain all clothes, accessories, and shoes in one place and in a nice way.
Dressing rooms are manufactured from


Kabnoursy has special sectors for the awning chassis, which are supported from the inside to withstand the force of weather conditions. The chassis is painted with electrostatic oven paints to resist weather conditions.