Wood Kitchen


High gloss Kitchen

Kabnoury’s kitchen is distinguished by using the finest quality raw materials from international companies with European specifications. We have cooperated with the best companies in the world                             ( The German’s EGGER Company – spain’s ALVIC Company – Austrian TZ Company – Swiss KORON Company ).


matt kitchen

The wood used by kabnoury is classified E1 by the European standards . The adhesive material used (formaldehyde) is limited to only 0.07 ppm; make it safer for use . other types of wood in the market are classified E2 and E3 with higher percentage of formaldehyde, which makes it unsafe for both carpenter and customer . 

wood kitchen

Choose the kitchen with the feel and like matching your style and preferences Kabnoury has followed international quality and environmental guidelines, where kitchens are tested to prove quality and resilience to corrosion or damage through extensive testing processes. This procedure is running now by Kabnoury for above 40 years operation.


High gloss &matt

the chassis is made from water-resistant and anti -bacterial and fat-treated wood .the density of sheet is up to 700 kg per cubic meter ,which is the highest density, resulting in a better durability.